Achiev3 is a protocol for defining and rewarding achievements on-chain. It is open source (MIT License), decentralized, and composable, enabling anyone to tap into the robust set of contracts onchain to define their perfect set of digital rewards for their players and users. ๐Ÿงก

Coming Summer 2024 to Base. Founded by ens0.eth.

public repos


How does it work?
Creators register a new achievement set, which creates a new contract that they own! From there, the owner or other addresses with delegated unlocking privileges can unlock achievements within the set. These can be unlocked through off-chain conditions by calling the unlock function directly โ€” but the delegated addresses can be smart contracts handling events on-chain!
How much does it cost?
Unlocking achievements only costs gas โ€” and will remain that way forever. A small fee will be charged to register a new achievement set with the official implementation of the protocol. We will also provide tools like APIs and builder tools that may have paid features.